My name is Victor Santos and I basically write and draw comics.

I am the Eisner and Harvey nominee, creator and co-creator of graphic novels like Filthy Rich, Rashomon, Bad Girls, Against Hope or Violent Love. My work has been published in countries like USA, Spain, France, Italy and recently China and Japan. I have collaborated with companies like Netflix, Fnac, Porsche, the Corvus Belli game company and artists like Deadmau5.
My Polar quadrilogy, published by Dark Horse, has been adapted as an original Netflix movie production with Mads Mikkelsen and Vanessa Hudgens, while a number of my other works have been optioned and are in different stages of development. Currently I’m also working on new different IPs I’ve created for mediums like comics, TV and cinema.

A new begining

I began this BROKEN ENGLISH newsletter two years ago on a different platform but I was looking for a change, and the chance to contact wider audiences so I decided to move to Substack. This platform allows me more direct contact with the subscribers, and different options for publishing comics I can use. We must be “Where the action is”, I think.
So I’ll try to get the most out of this exciting medium.

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I write and draw stories, and write about making stories


Victor Santos

Harvey and Eisner nominee. NYT bestsellers list author. I draw (and sometimes write) noir stuff. My OGN POLAR adaptation has been released worldwide by Netflix