"Not only is Santos an artist to watch, he's one who is already shaping the way we view comic art in the 21st century." -Bleeding cool
An edition about the end of my crowdfunding, why I'm a little tired of Batman and some recommendations, including a non-Squid Game Korean show
An edition about a casting of comic-book characters, Mickey Rourke's evolution and hunting humans for sport.
An edition about supporting your colleagues, how hard is a crowdfunding and with Fisto demolishing a wall.
An edition about the sex and violence in Moon Eaters and how I enjoy putting them in my books.
An edition about creator-owned comics, the importance of the creative control and a couple of horror streaming recommendations
WELCOME TO A SPECIAL EDITION OF MY NEWSLETTER I hope all of you had a great summer even with the limitations for travelling, vaccine schedules, masks a…
WELCOME TO THE AUGUST EDITION OF MY NEWSLETTER Are you ready? PARANOIA IS FINISHED! (I THINK) This month I launched the last issue of 4 of my Paranoia …
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